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Vacform Plastics manufactures a wide range of flats and packs in various sizes as per customer requirements. Vacform has been the innovator in the manufacture of sizes that optimizes in space saving both in the greenhouse as well as in the shipment of the final product. The flats and packs are available in the long size (21”),the true size (20”) as well as the slim size. All packs and inserts de-nest easily, thereby facilitating quick removal from the pack. The flats are available with tall sides as well as the shorter sides for ink jetting or UPC labeling. Vacform has the capability of labeling the inserts and packs at a marginal cost.

Concept Plastics
also manufactures high quality injection moulded flats.

  •  Our group manufactures high quality flats,  inserts, potholders and shuttle trays.
  •  All Flats and Inserts de-nest easily for  hassle free handling.
  •  Flats are available to fit most sizes of pots  used by the greenhouse.


  • Vacuum formed bedding plant flats, inserts and half-flats
  • Available in long size 21” and slim size 20”


  • Sizes available: 3”,3-1/2”, 4”, 5” and 6” Round pots and 3-1/2 square pots.
  • The number of cavities will vary according to the size of the pot.
SHUTTLE OR CARRYING TRAYS: Available in 17 different sizes to fit round and square pots. Sturdy construction and tight tolerance prevents wastage of soil.
  • Heavy and light duty trays
  • Compatible with 10 X 20 flats and inserts

    Concept Plastics produces a wide range of horticultural products using polypropylene which provides strength and durability. We have introduced a Heavy duty and a light duty WEB Carrying tray. This is compatible with the 1020 flats and inserts.
Vacform manufactures a range of specialty items not manufactured by anyone else from high quality polystyrene and we utilize a high percentage of recycled material in our plant. Our half flats are available in various sizes with and without handles. We also manufacture window sill trays, mini green houses with domes for the retail outlets. The risers have special configuration so that both flats or pots can be life on them and yet have good drainage.

Our tomato inserts are used in the packaging of tomatoes according to the different sizes are available to fit various counts. These can be produced in black or any colour (in quantities).
Also available in Blue and Green.

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  • Ensure longer life.
  • Preserve tomatoes during transportation
  • Various count sizes available
  • Matching carrying trays available for shipping and display




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